Connecting people. Simply put, that is the mission of Scientia, a series of outreach research publications providing high-quality information to a vast audience, with the noble purpose of connecting scientists, educators, policy-makers, researchers, the public and the private sectors….

Does that mission sound familiar? At EFG, we also believe in the importance of a strong bond between all bodies of society as we simultaneously raise public awareness about the importance of Geoscience, collaborate closely with policy makers and, above all, build a close relationship among the European family of geologists!

With such a deep attachment to the same fundamental values, it is therefore no surprise that Scientia would want to highlight the importance of EFG’s mission and give our president, Vitor Correia, a platform to raise awareness to our work towards better Outreach and Education. In Scientia’s next issue, and already here, you will therefore get to understand better our work on basic geological education as well as our constant efforts towards the continuing education of professional geologists, through our EurGeol title, our recent yet very successful EuroWorkshops, as well as our endorsement program. You will also learn more about our stance on the future of Geoscience’s education, as EFG is already working today for a better world tomorrow

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