The 5th Meggen Raw Materials Days

During this year’s 5th Meggener Raw Materials Days (11th of September) over 130 participants from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Slovenia, Turkey and Hungary came to Lennestadt on the three days of the conference and the seminar.

In addition to sustainability and circular economy and its effects on the raw materials industry, EU research projects were presented and geoethical aspects discussed, as well as mineral deposits in Central and Northern Europe. Other aspects were UNFC, lithium brines, remote sensing and new drilling technics for oil and gas.

The key point of this international conference was, from the experts’ perspective, the need to safeguard the supply of raw materials in Europe. This is essential to ensure the independence of the supply of raw materials while guaranteeing jobs and controlled environmental and safety standards in domestic mining.

During the event’s traditional round table discussion, the climate change and the position of geology and geologists played a major roll. On the final day the seminar dealt with the potential and limitations of geophysical exploration methods.

At the end of the conference, the participants were able to visit the new, fully automatised production hall of Tracto-Technik and the underground mine museum Ramsbeck, which was one of the last lead-zinc metal ore mines in Germany and closed in 1974. After the visit, the participants took the opportunity to discuss the impressions from the underground mine visit and the conference topics during a barbecue in the machine hall of the museum.

Due to the success of the event the date for the 6th Meggen Raw Material Days was already fixed for the 16thto 18th of September 2020.