In the January 2023 edition of GeoNews, I would like to share some of my activities at EFG, but first I would like to wish everyone reading these lines a happy new year and all the best for this new period.

I have been working with EFG for four years. My adventure here started in 2019, after leaving a consultancy in Saudi Arabia. At EFG, I am a Project Officer focusing on European Project management, but my duties do not finish there…

Continuing with projects, together with other colleagues I am in charge of managing EU-funded projects in which EFG is either a partner or the leader.

Our main actions here include technical work, National Associations’ management, financial and project management, business trips, and many others. Our main areas of activity are Education, Geothermal energy, Mining & Raw Materials, Communication, etc. We are open and willing to grow and obtain projects in any other geo-area which currently has increasing importance. This involves geological storage, hydrogeology, hydrogen, climate change and geohazards, etc.

I also take care of other EFG activities, such as the Mentoring Programme, where we put in contact experienced mentors with early career professionals and students; the Endorsement Programme where EFG assesses and promotes quality courses and training. I am also involved in the Employment survey that EFG publishes once per year.

Apart from this, I provide support to the Panels of Experts with the objective of providing advice to the European Institutions and other professional bodies.

At EFG, we are a small team, but we always help each other with other day-to-day tasks, therefore I support my colleagues with other activities such as dissemination & communication, Working Groups management, Story maps & survey creation, and in the Business Development Unit. Moreover, our tasks do not finish here because we are always looking for new projects and ideas.

I am personally interested in the energy sector (gas, hydrogen, geothermal), but also in geological storage. I collaborate with EFG’s Spanish National Association, the ICOG, for online courses about the subjects mentioned in this paragraph.

In my free time, I like traveling, going to the cinema, and doing sports, especially football, cycling, tennis/padel, and hiking/alpinism.

If any of the topics above interest you, please get in touch with me at