The EU funded KINDRA project has now completed the first two main steps of the project by developing an inventory on groundwater research & knowledge based upon a common terminology. On 24 April 2017 KINDRA officially launched the European Inventory for Groundwater Research (EIGR) to the public. Based on a unique classification system, the Inventory allows to showcase research to other professionals working in the water sector. It allows for the inclusion of a wide range of information sources, ranging from scientific papers, hydrogeological maps, technical reports, book chapters to position papers.

The opportunity of including your research in the KINDRA EIGR offers the following added values:

  • A platform to make your contribution visible through the first on-line tool exclusively dedicated to groundwater research & knowledge;
  • Promote networking amongst professionals which are interested or focusing on similar topics;
  • Help classify research articles, products, papers and projects throughout the community;
  • Making community contributions available for database analysis to support the implementation of EU policies and Water Directives.

The current version of the Inventory contains more than 2000 metadata records referring to or providing links to groundwater research carried out in Europe since the year 2000. These records have been compiled by experts of the EFG national member associations who have recollected information from diverse sources, consulting at national level the relevant reports and databases from universities, research centers, government bodies, regional and local administrative offices and other parties involved in groundwater research.

Efforts throughout 2017 will focus on carrying out a trend & gap analysis in order to identify and suggest specific recommendations for the update and progressive development of research and innovation agendas, in accordance to the Water Framework Directive.

The upcoming months will be mainly dedicated to dissemination, during which all technical content and results will be adapted into outreach materials that will help the general public to understand the relevance of groundwater in daily life.

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