The future of geothermal energy is still in the writing and this first day of EFG’s EuroWorkshop will sure be an important chapter in this promising technology’s book!

To say that this first day is promising is an understatement as dozens of geologists coming from all over Europe and representing a wide range of professional fields gather to exchange ideas on many topics related to geothermal energy, such as metal recovery, fluid-rock reactions, conversion of metallic mineral formations into orebody enhanced geothermal systems, power generation from geothermal brines, to name just a few.

Making the best of the beautiful location of Santorini, the participants will also discuss the geothermal specificities and potential of the Greek island before discovering promising projects from across the globe, from Nicaragua to Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Romania and, of course, Greece.

With such an active crows, the mission of this EuroWorkshop will sure be accomplished as today’s activities facilitate cross-fertilisation between different scientific areas, an objective the EFG had set from the beginning. The main goal of the EuroWorkshops, coorganised this year with the Association of Greek Geologists (AGG), is indeed to provide a new form of professional training to European Geologist title holders and other geoscientists. It intends to intensify the professional exchange of ideas and the contacts between geologists from all over Europe and strengthen the European idea within the family of geoscientists. It is also designed to provide applied training for students and young professionals, offering special conditions for them. This way, young geologists become familiar with the vision and mission of EFG, while EuroGeologists have the chance to upgrade their knowledge and experience since the workshop are CPD certified.

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