Shaping and strengthening a European community of better-trained geologists who exchange and collaborate together beyond national boundaries is one of the EFG’s major missions. In order to achieve that mission, the EFG has launched a new form of professional training : the EuroWorkshops.

Every year, one or two National Associations (NAs), members of the EFG, will select a theme, provide speakers and location close to the geological point of interest, and will organise the EuroWorkshop, as well as a field trip. Organised all across Europe, the EuroWorkshops will allow geologists to receive professional training and exchange ideas; and will thus reinforce their skills, knowledge as well as the European idea among them. The EuroWorkshops will also provide a unique opportunity for students and young professionals to receive applied training and familiarize themselves with the missions and vision of the EFG.

All EuroWorkshops are accepted within the Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD) of the EFG under the activity category of FLT (“Enhancing and maintaining skills and knowledge – Formal Learning”) and will be honored with 1 point / hour.

The first Euroworkshop will take place in Fira, on the island of Santorini (Greece), on 18 and 19 May 2017. Co-organised by the EFG and the Association of Greek Geologists (AGG), the « EuroWorkshop on geothermal energy » will provide a glimpse to the future of geothermal energy, facilitate cross-fertilisation between different scientific areas and contribute to bringing society a step closer to reaching the goal of zero CO2 emissions.

To support young professionnels, EFG and AGG offer financial help to fifteen of them. If you have less than 30 years and are a student or a young professional in geosciences, you may apply for a grant of 100 EUR supporting your travel and accommodation costs.

For more information and registration to the first edition of the EuroWorkshops :

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