1 million employees working around 30.000 active mines, providing minerals for 70% of the EU manufacturing sector. That is how important the Mineral sector in Europe is, and how hard its employees work across the continent.

With such an important role, and such hard work, it is only fair the Mineral sector takes the time to celebrate its accomplishments! That is why the European Minerals Day, an event EFG helps organizing, is celebrated every year across Europe and, this year, celebrations will only be bigger and better as 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of this very exciting event!

European Minerals Day will be officially launched on 21 & 22 September 2017 by the European Commission and the Estonian EU Presidency at the Nordkalk Kurevere dolomite operations and the Kunda Nordic Tsement operations in Estonia. After that, from 22-24 September, minerals producers all over Europe will host “Quarry and Plant Open Days”, a unique opportunity for around 30.000 people from neighboring communities to experience the world of minerals up close and find out what goes on behind the gates of the quarry, mine or plant in their vicinity.

Find more information about this event here and on European Mineral Day’s website: http://www.mineralsday.eu/

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