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May 2017

Topical – Geothermal – the Energy of the Future

Combining energy production and mineral extraction – The CHPM2030 project by É. Hartai , B. Bodó & the CHPM2030 Team
Towards geological-economic modelling to improve evaluating policy instruments for geothermal energy – Case study for Belgium (Campine Basin) by E. Petitclerc, K. Welkenhuysen, S. Van Passel, K. Piessens, D. Maes & T. Compernolle
Development of the first deep geothermal doublet in the Campine Basin of Belgium by S. Bos & B. Laenen
The successful geothermal risk mitigation system in France from 1980 to 2015 by C. Boissavy
Potential of geothermal systems in Picardy by E. Dourlat
Geothermal energy developments in the district heating of Szeged by M. Osvald, J. Szanyi, T. Medgyes, B. Kóbor & A. Csanádi
Geothermal subregions in Upper Pannonian sediments: A case study from East Hungary by E. Buday-Bódi, R. W. McIntosh and T. Buday
Assessment of deep geothermal energy potential in Northern and Central Portugal by M.M. Miranda, N.V. Rodrigues, J. Willis-Richards & A.J.S.C. Pereira
Geothermal use of mine water by L.M. Lara, I. G. Colinas, M.T Mallada, A.E. Hernández-Battez & J.L. Viesca
ThermoProVal: towards improved guidelines for the realisation of borehole heat pumps in alpine geological settings by P. Christe, F. J. Baillifard & G. Steinmann
Hydrogeological modelling of geothermal waters in Pamukkale, western Anatolia, Turkey by N. Özgür, İ. Kıymaz, E. Uzun & D. S. Kutlu 
Hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical and isotope geochemical features of the geothermal waters in Urganlı and environs, western Anatolia, Turkey by Nevzat Özgür, Seher Büyükşahin, Barbaros Yıldırım & Eda Aydemir
Rock power: Geothermal power simulations for schools by E. Devon, C. King & P. Kennett
The Development and Deployment of Deep Geothermal Single Well (DGSW) Technology in the United Kingdom by M. A. Collins & R. Law

Opinion: Social changes and Geosciences by G. V. Graziano

December 2016

Topical – International collaboration on raw materials

Fostering International Cooperation on Raw Materials – the INTRAW Project and the European International Observatory for Raw Materials by D. Murguía, F. Brovko, M. Wenham, V. Correia & B. Bodo
Fostering the mining potential of the European Union by M. Pellegrini
The participation of the company GET s.r.o. in Czech international development cooperation projects by J. Tvrdý, T. Pechar, L. Opekar & P. Hanzlík
Internationalisation in Mining Engineering at Clausthal University of Technology by E. Clausen & O. Langefeld
European Geological Surveys cooperating on Raw Materials by G. Stanley
Dimension Stones, a unique and attractive sector for international institutions and private investors: Outcomes from the International Conference STONECHANGE 2016 as a first step for the necessary future international cooperation by M. Cosi & P. Primavori
Stepping up the international cooperation for the sustainable supply of raw materials by D. Carrilho
The Sustainable Aggregates Management and Planning Initiative in South East Europe by G. Žibret
Future challenges in international cooperation for the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources with high added value in Europe by R. Esteban Pérez
Resourcing Future Generations: A global effort to meet the world’s future needs head-on by E. Nickless
International Cooperation in Development of Mexican Raw Materials by B. P. Popkin

EFG members: The firewater trail by M. Regueiro

May 2016

Topical – Sustainable land use

Managed aquifer recharge in the Marecchia alluvial fan (Rimini, Italy): trial and early results by P. Severi, L. Bonzi & V. Ferrari
Sustainable exploitation of mineral resources within an area of the Natura 2000 network by J. M. F. Carvalho, J. Meira, C. Marques, S. Machado, L. M. Mergulhão & J. Cancela
From engineering geosciences mapping towards sustainable urban planning by H. I. Chaminé, J. Teixeira, L. Freitas, A. Pires, R. S. Silva, T. Pinho, R. Monteiro, A. L. Costa, T. Abreu, J. F. Trigo, M. J. Afonso & J. M. Carvalho
On the harmonisation of Serbian classification and accompanying regulations on resources/reserves of solid minerals with the PERC standard by M. Ilich and R. Vukas
Challenges and opportunities with charging for geological information in land use planning by E. Häggquist and L. Wårell
Defining Mineral Deposits of National Interest – The Case of Sweden by L. Wårell and E. Häggquist

November 2015

Towards 2020: groundwater research in Europe

May 2015

MIN WIN-WIN – Minerals Reporting Standards

November 2014

Geoarchaeology – Reconstructing our early history

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