Gatherings, exchanges, discussions. That is what bonds the members of a family together. And as busy as all EuroGeologists are across the continent, they make a point on dedicating time for each other on important occasions. And the Meggen Raw Materials Days is definitively one of them.

For the third time, more than 150 geologists from Germany, England, Bulgaria, Switzerland and the United States met in Lennestadt-Meggen from 13 to 15 September for an exclusive International Seminar and Conference organized by our National Member, the Professional Association of the German Geoscientists (BDG). During three days, they shared knowledge on classification of raw materials, certification of geologists as “Competent Persons”, exploration of specific raw materials as well as post-mining activities.

The discussions were all extremely rich and the overal income very positive, so much so that the fourth Meggen Raw Materials Days at the same location have already been fixed for September 12-14, 2018! Until then, find the full press release about the event here.

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