Excelling in a profession involves the demonstration of many professional and personal qualities. And if there is one that the EFG holds to particular high standard when it comes to supporting the professional development of its members, it is their contribution to the ethical exemplarity of the European family of Geologists.

The promotion of best practices is therefore a central part of the EFG’s missions and it is notably achieved through the promotion of the “Code of Ethics”, a guide that prescribes acceptable behaviour of each individual members and European Geologists and establishes a common ground of principles that apply to all. By doing so, the code therefore provides a means of professional self-regulation, necessary condition to guarantee the quality and the legitimacy of the work of Geologists.

Conscious that a set of principles only grows stronger the more it reflects the profession’s as well as society’s realities and changes, the EFG makes a point of constantly upgrading its “Code of Ethics” and publishes today its newest version that includes an amendment (see paragraph 12) relating to the working environment. This updated version was unanimously approved by the EFG Council whose membered all agreed on the necessity to align with recent initiatives taken by several scientific societies, including the American Geophysical Union (AGU) who published last year the “Draft Organizational Principles for Addressing Harassment”, following several recent cases of harassment in the field of sciences.

With this updated “Code of Ethics”, EFG therefore joins other scientific societies in taking a strong stand in favour of a respectful and safe working environment.

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