EFG welcomes the Geological Society of Lithuania as a new full member

In autumn 2022, the Geological Society of Lithuania (LGS) joined EFG as its latest full member. EFG now counts 28 national association members representing approximately 45,000 geoscientists from all across Europe.

The membership application by the Geological Society of Lithuania (LGS) has been unanimously approved by the EFG Council in an electronic vote held in October 2022.

The Geological Society of Lithuania (LGS) is a professional, public, non-profit organization uniting geologists of Lithuania. It was founded on 10 November 1989 at the epicenter of the movement for the restoration of Lithuania’s independence. LGS unites professional geologists, researchers of Lithuania’s geology, and other citizens or foreigners permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania involved in geological activities and discussions. LGS is a member of AEGS (Association of European Geological Societies).

The main aim of LGS is to ensure the development of geology and the strengthening of the geological society, to represent the interests of the geological community in Lithuania, and to represent Lithuanian geology in foreign countries.

Board of the Geological Society of Lithuania

“We have just announced the great news of becoming a member of the EFG at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of Lithuania. Our society sees this as an important step towards strengthening our core and bringing our contribution to the goals of the European Union and other geological societies worldwide. The EFG team ensured a clear and effective application process and gave us a warm welcome. That indicates a strong bond with every National Association. Our delegates were able to observe a great variety of activities that EFG initiates and how many interesting, yet tough discussions it encourages. This brings more motivation and interest to look forward to this exciting journey, hoping more early career geologists will join along the way.”

Vaida Kirkliauskaitė

Head of the international relations and cooperation division

The EFG Board and Secretariat look forward to collaborating with the Geological Society of Lithuania in the future!