EFG welcomes Malta to the European community of professional geologists

In early March 2022, the Malta Chamber of Geologists (MCG) joined the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) as its latest full member. EFG now counts 28 national association members representing approximately 45,000 geoscientists from all across Europe.

The membership application by the Malta Chamber of Geologists has been unanimously approved by the EFG Council in an electronic vote held in February 2022.

The Malta Chamber of Geologists is a non-profit, national organisation upholding standards in geology with a social purpose of raising awareness in geology and its benefits to public health and safety. The Chamber serves to provide an organisation for all professional geologists who satisfy the qualifications and criteria for membership as laid by the Council and checks professional qualifications in geology to avoid serious damage to health or safety of the service recipient. It seeks to promote the science and practice of geology and geoscience and to broaden and update the knowledge of its members.

“The Malta Chamber of Geologists (MCG) is privileged to be a member of the EFG since 2nd March 2022. We are Europe’s smallest National Association located in the European Union’s smallest member state. Nevertheless, we will strive to work as much as the other members because we have a valuable contribution to make as a European and Mediterranean country with a long tradition in Geology and Geologists.

The challenges for European Geologists are tremendous, but they are even greater for us in Malta where the Geologist is not recognised in any form by the State and a national Geological Service/Survey is inexistant, creating a serious precedent for all European countries.  The MCG is striving with the help of the EFG, to have the Geological profession defined and protected in EU Directives and the contribution of Geologists valued in Europe’s economic recovery and energy independence.”

Dr Peter Gatt

President of the Malta Chamber of Geologists

We look forward to collaborating with the Malta Chamber of Geologists and meeting its delegates (virtually) during the upcoming 80th EFG Council meeting on the Azores, Portugal, on 21 and 22 May 2022!