Once upon a time 1980, the European Federation of GeologistsĀ (EFG) was born with a bold ambition that would guide it throughout the years: build a strong family of competent geologists across Europe. 37 years later, we can humbly say this ambition, once a dream, has become a reality, growing more powerful everyday: as of today, EFG indeed proudly represents more than 45000 geologists across the continent.

It is obviously not an easy task to present the many various fields in which our members are active, and it is even more challenging to capture in a few words the variety and importance of EFG’s many missions and activities. But if there is one thing that all geologists share, it is the love for a new challenge.

EFG is therefore thrilled to announce the launch of its official video: “EFG, a Federation working for You“. The place to discover EFG, its members, missions and actions. The way to meet the members of our growing European Family.

Find the full press release about our online presence here.

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