Energy, Technology, Sustainability. Three words to define the theme of EAGE‘s Conference that took place in Paris from 12 to 15 June, and three concepts for which the future relies largely on Geologists and Geoscientists across Europe. Which is why it was EFG‘s priority, and pleasure, to attend this conference as an associated society of EAGE and represent the work of its members to the 5000 people who attended the event.

The Conference was indeed a great opportunity to highlight the work of our members, as well as promote the many European projects EFG is currently involved in, from INTRAW on raw materials to KINDRA on groundwater research, MINATURA2020 on minerals deposits, ¡VAMOS! on mine operating systems, CHPM2030 on geothermal energy, UNEXMIN on underground mines exploration, MICA on raw materials intelligence and FORAM on a world forum for raw materials.

Finally, the conference was also an opportunity to have a global overview of the oil and gas industry’s efforts and strategies towards a future sustainable energy mix, as well as to meet fellow associated members at their booths, and around a nice drink in the city of Lights!


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