Accessible communication of geosciences and outreach

Create public awareness of the importance of geoscience to society by promoting public outreach and understanding of geosciences

  • Improve the use of geoscientific information for decision‐making in public policies;
  • Raise public awareness of the importance of geosciences, conveying tailored messages that take into consideration communication objectives, targets, and channels used;
  • Improve basic knowledge of the public on geology and geological processes;
  • Actively engage in events and activities that increase geoscience outreach;
  • Publically recognise and reward individuals who contribute to elevating the profile of geosciences;
  • Provide independent, trustworthy and reliable information on geoscientific issues to the general public.

Communicate transparently to National Associations and other audiences

  • Regularly produce and disseminate information to the public on EFG’s strategic aims, activities and results;
  • Include and convey information on members’ activities in EFG media channels;
  • Inform the EFG Council and Full Members’ Boards of the subjects discussed and decisions taken in EFG periodic Board meetings;
  • Maintain compliance with the EU transparency register.


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