Geological information is required to inform decisions about use of ‘the ground’ or, for example, to assess the consequences and risks associated with a particular geohazard. Users need information to make decisions that could, for example, influence engineering design, determine the location of structures, roads and utilities, to locate mineral resources or to help save lives.
Communication of geological matters can be critical as the results, advice and recommendations arising from geological investigations are used by various groups, including clients, policy makers, the lay public, media and other audiences. Frequently, the users of geoscientific information are non-technical and the failure to communicate the message effectively and accurately to those recipients may reduce the usefulness of the information.
EFG can improve public awareness of the importance of geosciences to the safety, economic well-being and health of individuals. To achieve that, EFG must be capable of issuing public statements related with “hot” subjects (because they are controversial or just because they are on the news headlines), with a simple and clear language, based on solid scientific understanding. EFG must align the statements provided wit- hin its communication policy, aiming the recognition of the importance of geoscientific information in public policies.

Objectives and Drivers

1. Improve the use of geoscientific information on decision-making in public policies;
2. Raise public awareness of the importance of geosciences;
3. Improve elementary knowledge of the public on geology and geological processes.


1. Reinforce the use of the EFG communication tools: EGM, GeoNews and webpage;
2. Reinforce the dissemination capacity between EFG Members NA;
3. Raise awareness of EFG, among the public and policy makers, as a trustworthy source for geoscientific information;
4. Reinforce EFG capabilities to contribute to the development of EU policies relating to the geosciences;
5. Strengthen the bonds between EFG, NAs and mineral industry associations;
6. Coorganise the EU Geology Day.


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