Announcing the winners of the “Legends of geoscience” photo contest


EFG and EAGE are pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 edition of the “Legends of geoscience” photo contest. We have received many amazing photos depicting the categories Geosciences for society, Women geoscientists, and Landscape and environment. Thank you to all who have participated in the contest and the public voting which has allowed us to determine the winners of this edition.

Top 12 winners of the 2019 contest


And the winner is…

First prize:

“The Himalayas – A Folded and Faulted Beauty Undergoing Weathering” by Soumya Chandan Panda

This photo was taken in the North of India. The Himalayas were born from extreme conditions as two continental plates collided. These majestic mountains are a geoscientist’s paradise with their folded and faulted structures and so many secrets unexplored. The weathering induced by ice water and wind can be clearly seen in the picture. One is simply awestruck standing in front of these legendary mountains.


Second prize:

“The Vinicunca Legend” by Dario Chisari

In 2016 I travelled all the way to Peru just to take one single photo. This one. I think this peak fully deserves to be considered as a legend of geoscience. It used to be a much harder (6 days) hike to get all the way up to the Vinicunca (also known as the Rainbow Mountain). I got discouraged many times due to difficult meteorological conditions and a thin layer of snow which wouldn’t have given such a crisp image. Nowadays a new road opened up and it’s much easier to get to the top (about 3 hours). Needless to say that meteorological conditions can change here at any moment….I think that was even more than I could possibly have dreamed of for my 32nd birthday.


Third prize

“The Solution of the Student Hammer in the 21st Century” by Camille Thomasset

This photo shows students of Savoie Mont Blanc University during an end-license trip in Morocco. We can see here the size of the mine truck behind those brave looking students. I have chosen this picture because we worked hard to organise this trip and mining is essential nowadays for society.


Congratulations to the winners and thanks for sharing your passion for geosciences with the public!