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The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) is a professional organisation representing geoscientists all across Europe.


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Welcome to EFG

The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) is a non-governmental organisation that was established in 1980 and includes today 28 national association members.

EFG is a professional organisation whose main aims are to contribute to a safer and more sustainable use of the natural environment, to protect and inform the public and to promote a more responsible exploitation of natural resources.

EFG’s members are National Associations, NAs, whose principal objectives are based in similar aims. The guidelines to achieve these aims are the promotion of excellence in the application of geology and the creation of public awareness of the importance of geoscience for the society.

“EFG: a Federation working for You”: the video to discover EFG, its members, missions and actions. The way to meet the members of our growing European Family.

EFG in 6 missions


28 National Associations representing nearly 45000 geoscientists across Europe


International recognition and partnership

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Recognises the ability to deliver a high quality of services within the practice of geology


Over two decades experience in more than 12 European projects


Accessible communication of geosciences and outreach

Panels of experts

9 panels, approximately 200 experts from 26 European countries

EFG Executive Director’s digest – August 2022 – Part 1

Dear all, I want to introduce you to a new Newsletter that I will be publishing to show you about my activities as the Executive Director of EFG and allow you to ask questions and offer suggestions on how we can be more effective for the profession we represent! The...

EFG Executive Director at the 2021 EAGE Annual Conference

EFG Executive Director Glen Burridge gave an inspiring talk at the 2021 EAGE Annual Conference. He presented EFG, its mission and the key role of geoscience in facing the concerns of our time, among other relevant topics. You can watch his presentation at the...

New issue of European Geologist: Climate change – Increasing resilience with geological knowledge

New issue of European Geologist: Climate change - Increasing resilience with geological knowledgeEFG is pleased to release issue 53 of its biannual Diamond Open Access publication, the European Geologist. The new issue is entitled "Climate change - Increasing...

EFG at the 2022 Raw Materials Summit

Between May 23rd and May 25th 2022, EIT RawMaterials, the world’s largest consortium in the raw materials sector, hosted the 4th RawMaterials Summit in Berlin. The event was held in BCC (Berlin Congress Centre) and supported by ERMA (The European Raw Materials...

18th Congress of Geologists of Serbia

18th Congress of Geologists of SerbiaThe 18th Congress of Geologists of Serbia was held from 1 to 4 June 2022 in Divčibare, western Serbia, under the motto „Geology solves problems“. Over 150 delegates from Serbia and other European countries joined. 10 thematic...

Photo contest

EFG is organising an annual photo contest in collaboration with the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).


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